Candelaria Temple in San Felipe Zitacuaro


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This temple is considered a historical jewel because of the handmade paintings found inside, which were painted by the local indigenous people and because of its baroque style wooden altarpiece from the 17th century which measures eight meters long. The temple was built by the Franciscans using the stones of the pre-Hispanic monuments of the region. It features a beautiful semicircular arch. And a stone atrial cross, elaborated with stone dating from the viceregal period.

Its interior shelters the representations of the four evangelists and several images of the Virgin of Candelaria, of the Assumption and the Pastora, as well as three paintings representing the trinity: One of God the Son, one of God the Father and one of God the Holy Spirit.

The temple is to one side of the San Felipe de los Alzati Church.

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Domicilio conocido. Zitácuaro, Zitácuaro

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