Heroic city, gateway to the Monarch butterflies

Zitacuaro is the main urban center of the Monarch Country. A dynamic and vibrant city, an authentic center of the services of the region, as well as a safe and calm city.

Located an hour away from the monarch butterfly sanctuaries, Sierra Chincua and El Rosario, and two hours away from the Senguio Sanctuary, Zitacuaro is the ideal headquarters to take trips and visit the nearby attractions. Good hotels and variety of restaurants, as well as a good highway will make for a very nice stay.

The Heroic Zitacuaro was headquarter of the independent government of Mexico and, in the war, was defeated three times. The Mora del Cañonazo Garden is witness of the history. Outside of the city and in the route to the sanctuaries, you can visit the small town of San Felipe de los Alzati, keeper of three more surprises: an peculiar archeological site on the top of Zirahuato hill that confirms the place as a the frontier for the Purepechan towns of Michoacan and the Mexica communities. Other surprises await you in San Felipe: the Saint Philip Temple, with its extraordinary atrial cross, and the Candelaria Temple, with an altarpiece of the XVIII century painted by Indian artist. The detour is well worth it.

Our recommendations:

  1. Between November and March you must come enjoy the wonderful experience of watching the Monarch Butterfly migration. The sanctuaries are located in the nearby Magic Town of Angangueo.
  2. If you love religious architecture, do as Charles of England and visit the Saint Francisco Coatepec Temple, also known as San Pancho for the locals.
  3. Nature lovers will enjoy the Forest Dam a few miles from the city, offering a magnificent view and the opportunity to walk and watch birds such as grey herons, egrets, ducks and seagulls. Also, in route to Hidalgo City, explore the deepness of the land in the Tziranda Caves.
  4. Attend the Agriculture, Industrial, Commercial and Artisanal Fair in February 5 to commemorate the Mexican Constitution.
  5. Taste a traditional sheep barbeque, the sheep stew menudo and the fruit preserves.

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