Los Azufres

Hot springs in the mountains

The winding road runs across the pine forests of Los Azufres Natural Park. Thick woods only interrupted lakes and dams perfect for adventure and fun. Here and there, the waterparks with thermal springs that made this area so popular. In the open air pools the hot water turns into steam in contact with the cold mountain air. The muds, rich in sulphur, are excellent for bone and skin treatments.

Waterparks, hotels and cabins welcome travelers of all budgets, with lodging ranging from luxurious to campsites. During the holidays this popular thermal destination fills with families and groups with a common purpose: to enjoy the magnificent natural setting and the properties of the waters.

Nearby, the Las Presas tourism corridor awaits you with more outdoor activities, good fishing and tasty trouts. What are you waiting for?

We recommend:

  1. Pamper yourself and enjoy family time at one of the thermal springs waterparks such as Rancho ViejoTejamaniles or Eréndida.
  2. A steam bath followed by a mud treatment for the whole body at the Los Azufres Spa Natural, followed by a bath on the natural pool.
  3. A luxurious romantic escape to Quinta Los Azufres, with your own yacuzzi in the cabin.
  4. If you’d rather go for a more active vacation try the Campamento Turístico Laguna Larga or the Centro Recreativo El Llano at the Mata de Pinos dam.
  5. Between September and February come to the dams to fish for trout and carp.

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