Mining Magic Town Surrounded by butterflies

Nestled in a ravine, Angangueo rambles between forested hills. Atop the surrounding mountains winter millions of monarch butterfly. Between November and March Angangueo sits at the heart of the extraordinary natural event that is the migration of the monarch, well worth a visit to the Sierra Chincua and El Rosario sanctuaries. 

This Magic Town looks amazing from the top, and a lot of viewpoints, such as the one in the Chapel of Misericord, offer spectacular panoramic views of this scenic town. From above, you can admire the ragged path of the town that follows the mountain, with its small streets and solemn adobe houses of big patios. Mining town, a town of riches and tragedy, where her residentes built big houses of colorful facades and flowers in every balcony. A quiet, friendly and welcoming place to the visitor.

The temple of the Immaculate Conception and the Parish of Saint Simon the Zealot fight over popularity. The first is the town’s temple; the second, the temple built by the wealthiest family, such was the wealth those mines used to give. In the middle, a warm main square with a gazebo surrounded with gates. The mining past of Angangueo is also portrayed in other ways, like Frida Kahlo's disciple Arturo Estrada mural at the Escuela Secundaria Mineros de Angangueo. In the back of the parish, another mural -this one in the open- by Jorge Tellez tells the story of this small town that has not lost its magic with the passing of time.

Our recommendations:

  1. Witness first hand one of the most amazing sights in nature: a visit to the monarch butterfly sanctuaries between November and February.
  2. Take pictures of the excellent panoramic views offered by this town: in the morning, you can go to the Monument to the Miner lookout. In the afternoon, go to the Iron Cross lookout.
  3. Taste the traditional fruit preserves of the region.
  4. Festival of the Holy Cross on May 3rd. You can´t miss this unique event. Thousands of colorful candle lanters light every street of the village. A 2.5 km long sawdust mantle featuring images in every colour will fascinate you. The event finishes with three hours of fireworks, an incredible light and colour show. You will be amazed.
  5. If you visit Angangueo on a Sunday, visit the Jesus de Nazareno ranch, the first ranch established in the region.
  6. Of course, visit Tlalpujahua, the other mining Magic Town of Michoacan, and complete the route with El Oro, in the State of Mexico.

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