What is the monarch
doing in March?

The departure towards the north. After mating, monarch butterflies begin their spring migration. The orange swarms of butterflies fly towards the south of the USA, where they will finally lay their eggs.

 These are the so called Methuselah generation of butterflies. Ever since they left their chrysalis in August they began an epic journey in the world of insects: they traveled almost 5,000 km., from the US and Canada to Michoacan, there, they hibernated for two months and now they must begin their return trip. Between February and March, their sexual organs will reach maturity and, before flying north, they must mate. The male butterflies die, and the females travel back, towards the south of the US. In March it is very common to find huge swarms of butterflies in the lower lands of the sacred fir forests, as they fly northwards, crossing the country.

Where can I see the monarch butterfly?

In the sanctuaries of Michoacán, where you can find more butterflies than anywhere else.

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Other observation areas

The other sanctuaries located in the state of Michoacán: Cerro Altamirano, Chivati-Huacal and Cerro Pelón, are not open to the public.

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