What is the monarch
doing in February?

The awakening. The first sun rays announce the imminent arrival of spring and awaken the butterflies from their lethargy. In sudden frenzy, the monarchs star moving and abandon their clusters to look for water and nectar.

In February the days become longer and in the middle of the day the temperature begins to rise. When the monarch butterflies start feeling the heat in their bodies, they begin to wake up and recover their vital functions. As the month moves forward, the butterflies leave their clusters and begin looking for water and food. In the warm hours of the day, when the sun still shines, the forests fill with swarms of fluttering butterflies, looking for streams and flowers in order to drink their nectar. It is time to regain strength to undertake the return trip.

Where can I see the monarch butterfly?

In the sanctuaries of Michoacán, where you can find more butterflies than anywhere else.

SantuariosSierra Chincua Google mapsEl rosario Google mapsSenguio Google maps

Other observation areas

The other sanctuaries located in the state of Michoacán: Cerro Altamirano, Chivati-Huacal and Cerro Pelón, are not open to the public.

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