What is the monarch
doing in June?

The second generation arrives north. Like their parents, these monarch butterflies migrate northward and settle in their summer territory, from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic coast.

The second generation of monarchs, born in the USA, is just like the first one, a traveling generation, with a life cycle of approximately one month. During this time, these butterflies reach maturity in the center and east of the country and continue their migration to their summer habitat, in the north of the US and in southern Canada. During their journey, these butterflies spread over a very extensive territory, searching through the meadows and forests for the best places to lay their eggs, those with an abundance of milkweed.

Where can I see the monarch butterfly?

In the sanctuaries of Michoacán, where you can find more butterflies than anywhere else.

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Other observation areas

In the municipality of Senguio we find the Sanctuary of Senguio, which also functions as an Ecotourism Center. Depending on the location of the butterfly colonies, each year local guides organize controlled visits in order to observe the monarch butterfly in their habitat. The other sanctuaries located in the state of Michoacán: Cerro Altamirano, Chivati-Huacal and Cerro Pelón, are not open to the public.

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