What is the monarch
doing in January?

Hibernation. Butterflies create clusters to protect themselves from low temperatures. They remain in lethargy, with their biological activity to a minimum. Surviving the winter frosts is the most important thing now.

Monarch butterflies are adapted to cold climates and can withstand the subzero temperatures which are common to these forests. This month is critical for their survival. In order to withstand the cold, butterflies hibernate, that is, they reduce their vital functions to the minimum, and gather in clusters of up to a thousand specimens hanging from the sacred fir trees. A particularly strong frost, rain or wind can easily undo these clusters. The butterflies that fall, being in state of lethargy, are unable to take flight again and they die. There have been such harsh winters that millions of monarchs have died from the cold.

Where can I see the monarch butterfly?

In the sanctuaries of Michoacán, where you can find more butterflies than anywhere else.

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Other observation areas

The other sanctuaries located in the state of Michoacán: Cerro Altamirano, Chivati-Huacal and Cerro Pelón, are not open to the public.

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