Tlalpujahua, the town of Christmas baubles


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Christmas comes early to the mountains of Michoacán. In October, the Pueblo Mágico de Tlalpujahua inaugurates its traditional Bauble Sphere. The Auditorium and streets are transformed into a huge street market for two months. Because nobody produces as many Christmas baubles in Mexico as Tlalpujahua.

The magic of the Tlalpujahua baubles is that they are completely handmade. There are no big factories here. Hundreds of families spend the whole year creating ornaments to hang from Christmas trees throughout the country. Genuine crystal baubles, blown one by one, by hand so that each tree looks the way you want it to. Every year craftsmen surprise us with new designs for more traditional homes and more innovative homes.

The process of making baubles is laborious. The glass is melted and blown to make a bauble and then decorated. Baubles that look like mirrors have real silver inside. The colorful ornaments are painted with patience and care. Buyers know this and it is unusual to see someone in the village who does not have at least one box of baubles.

In addition to baubles, during the fair you will find stone handicrafts, Christmas ornaments made from other materials and traditional sweets. Tlalpujahua embodies the spirit of Christmas and no one escapes its spell.


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