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Angangueo is a picturesque village nestled in a valley. Surrounded by the wooded hills that are home to the monarch butterfly, this Magical Town follows the course of the river, its steep streets seeking the safety of the heights. As a mining town, it has known misfortune and fortune. What disaster took was rebuilt elsewhere.

The hills flanking Angangueo offer spectacular views, revealing what the walls conceal. From the street, large two-story houses, so typical of the town, attract attention due to their colorful facades, balconies overflowing with flowers and large eaves. From the lookout you can see how they are distributed around large courtyards with wide corridors.

In the center of town, you can see the unmistakable white dome and the tower of the Temple of the Inmaculate Conception, a neo-Gothic whim built during the 19th century mining boom. Opposite the neoclassical San Simón Celador Church, frames Constitution Square.

To enjoy the views and take good pictures, go up to the Lookout point in the Chapel of Mercy or the Monument to the Miner. In the afternoon, the La Cruz Lookout Point is a better option, although it is a long climb on foot.

From the viewpoints you can also make out the lower part of the village, which escapes the narrow valley to occupy the fertile plains. This is where they grow the fruit that is subsequently made into delicious local preserves.


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  • Of course, you cannot miss the monarch butterfly between November and March. Experience the intensity of Holy Week with its colorful processions. It is also worth seeing the feast of the Holy Cross, when the village is covered with colorful carpets of sawdust.

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