The church as a screen: video mapping


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Contemporary art, historical narrative, leading-edge technology and monumental architecture come together to create what is almost a science fiction experience. It provides an immersive experience for the viewer, in which the physical surroundings take part in the narrative.

Every Friday at dusk, the façade of the former monastery of San Francisco is transformed into a giant screen. The arches, windows and cornices come to life in a show filled with sophisticated visual details. Floral carpets, geometric shapes and a combination of lights fill the air, illuminating the façade while the audience gathers in the square.

Once the show begins at 9 pm sharp, we realize we have only been given a taste of what is to come. The square is filled with sound and light and amid its arches and gates, Michoacan unfolds in a whimsical game between film and animation, like a giant kaleidoscope: its people, customs, towns and history, which is also the history of independent Mexico.


We recommend

  • Make sure you turn up at the video mapping early to get a good view, although it is not usually crowded.
  • Take a night tour of the illuminated Historic Center, beginning with the Cathedral.

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  • In the evening


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