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In Zitácuaro and Ciudad Hidalgo, there are endless opportunities to enjoy nature. Pine forests are perfect for mountain biking, hiking or rowing. There are reservoirs where trout are bred and there is an atmosphere of peace and calm. The impressive natural caves are a gateway to other worlds. There are high pyramids where our ancestors worshipped their gods. The choice is yours.

A few minutes from Zitácuaro stands the Dam forest; the absolute calm that reigns along the shore contrasts with the bustle of the city. It is home to the herons and ducks that arrive in winter. Come to fish, walk or just watch the sunset.

On the way to Ciudad Hidalgo, we suggest two stops. The first, in San Felipe de los Alzati, a monumental archaeological site on the Zirahuato Hill, a strategic trading place between the Mexica and the Purépecha. The views are spectacular.

Later on, don’t miss the Tziranda Caves, used as a hideout by Don Miguel Hidalgo. A guide will accompany you on an interesting visit up to 300 m underground. Do you want to miss that?

West of Ciudad Hidalgo, check out the Pucuato, Sabaneta and Mata de Pinos dams. They all have spectacular scenery and are the perfect place to bring your kayak. In the Mata de Pinos dam, you will find a center with a restaurant, cabins and activities for the whole family. Everything you need for the perfect holiday!


We recommend

  • Try the delicious trout in Mata de Pinos. They are truly mouthwatering.
  • Visit two temples in San Felipe of Alzati: the temple of San Felipe, with its atrial cross with an obsidian mirror, and the Candelaria, with a 6th century altarpiece.

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