Jungapeo hot springs, a refuge for artists and nobles

Jungapeo de Juárez


The small town of Jungapeo is located very close to Zitácuaro. The aroma of guava permeates the air of Jungapeo, a town surrounded by mountains, with a semitropical climate, where you can find unique thermal waters with healing properties (ideal for nervous or asthmatic people, among others). Back in the day, the Tarascan nobility came here to heal their war wounds. It is also said that historical characters such as Porfirio Díaz and renowned artist like Luis Buñuel came to this waters to relax and heal. Even John Huston came to this small town to film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

It is a perfect place to relax and get away from the madding crowd. Follow the trails through the valley and find yourself surrounded by nature, such as the Velo de Novia waterfall, the Malinche waterfall or the Agua Amarilla spring. If you decide to take a stroll at night, your path will be illuminated by phosphorescent caterpillars, a most curious natural phenomenon. Located only two hours away from Mexico City, Jungapeo is an excellent destination for those in need of a healing getaway.

We recommend

  • Jungapeo is a very enjoyable town on any budget. The old San José Purrúa Spa was recently remodeled and has opened its doors to the public once again. You can also visit the Malinche Water Park.
  • In order to enjoy a most luxurious experience, the Agua Blanca Canyon Resort, with its very own spring and located in a unique viewpoint over the valley, is the perfect place to pamper yourself and enjoy some wellness treatments.

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