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The Historic Center of Morelia stretches out in all directions from the imposing Cathedral, a famous landmark and the heart of colonial Morelia. Every Saturday, the most iconic building in Morelia becomes the focus of attention.

Shortly after dark, locals and visitors swarm into the arches and square to wait for the lighting extravaganza. The moment deserves to be savored from a vantage point above the crowds. Book a table at one of the roof gardens in one of the square’s hotels and restaurants. You won’t regret it.

The view from the terraces is spectacular. The music starts playing. The fireworks are set off in time with the music, illuminating the square with flashes of color. Lastly, the Cathedral reveals its beauty under the night lights: throwing its facade, side walls and soaring towers into sharp relief. It is a truly magical moment.

But the Cathedral is not the only building to be decked out for the occasion. Now is the best time for a night tour of the city. With all the downtown historical monuments illuminated, the city is even more beautiful than it is during the day. Less than two blocks away Clavijero Place, the Church of San Agustín, the former monastery of San Francisco, the Church of the Nuns and the Federal Palace line Madero. To the east, the aqueduct and the entire calzada de Fray Antonio de San Miguel create a fairytale atmosphere.


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  • The best roof gardens in the square are in Juaninos and Cantera 10, which have spectacular views of the cathedral.
  • The light show begins at 20:45 pm on Saturdays. Do not miss it!

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