Rite of the flying men at San Pedro Tarimbaro, Tlalpujahua


Traditional - Religious

Apostle Saint Peter is honored on June 29. On the first Sunday after June 29, you can watch the traditional flyers at the village of San Pedro Tarimbaro near Tlalpujahua, a show attended by thousands of locals and foreigners.

In 2009, UNESCO declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage to the Ritual Ceremony of the Voladores. Along with other fliers settled in different parts of the country, like Papantla, Cuetzalan and Tamaleton. In Tlalpujahua, stand out the voladores of San Pedro Tarimbaro, where four men cross the winds with the aid of a tie from the tip of a high altitude stick. Its cosmovision, the red dress and the rituals of beginning make of this a incomparable tradition.

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Dos de Abril s/n, Col. Tlalpujahua de Rayón. 61060 Tlalpujahua, Tlalpujahua

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