The monarch butterfly is finally here!

November begins with the celebration of the Day of the Death, a very popular festivity in the Magic Town of Tlalpujahua, which also holds its popular Sphere Fair all throughout this same month. But this month is also the moment in which the beloved Monarch Butterflies finally arrive to Mexico. After a strenuous journey of more than 4,000 km from North America, the monarchs finally arrive to the Michoacán’s forests. Come visit the sanctuaries of Sierra Chincua, El Rosario or Senguio and behold how millions of butterflies settle in their new winter home, where they will hibernate until February. The sanctuaries are located only a few kilometers away from the Magical Town of Angangueo, also a mining town, as Tlalpujahua, which is well worth a visit. There you can take a stroll through its cobbled streets and under its balconies full of flowers. You should also try its delicious local gastronomy and its canned fruit during the Monarch Butterfly Cultural Festival.

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